Business Strategies

Reduce Costs. Improve Satisfaction.

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Menu Planning

One Menu for all Diets. Room Service. Cycle-Select. Restaurant Style.

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Powerful Analytics

Get meaningful information to make informed decisions.

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World Wide Solutions

Our product speaks your language and follows your local standards.

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Welcome To Menu Logistics!

Prepare To be amazed !

We are changing the way operators, RD’s, Chef’s, and end users interact with food service software. Intuitively, you will be able to navigate through fewer screens to get better information, easier and faster, allowing you to make smart decisions. 

Easy to use + Get more done in less time + unlimited flexibility = happy customers and happy staff.


James Coloway


“I liked the Menu Planning and AdHoc Reporting feature the most!.”

Alan Ungar


“Never thought managing complex diet plans will be so easy!!! .”

Alanna Gatto


“Innovative design to create a custom menu for any patient and diet combination.”


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