2803Breakthrough in healthcare menu management systems.
Vision Healthcare Systems International announces release of sensational software

The team at Vision Healthcare Systems International has developed an entirely new approach to menu management in the healthcare industry. The system is called Menu Logistics ®. Their revolutionary process bypasses the need for creating and managing multitudes of menus typically necessary to support hundreds of possible menu combination and eliminates the need to create and manage all of the complex production menus that are required in the current automation systems available in the market today.

To change a menu cycle with today’s systems, you have to commit hundreds of man-hours to this tedious process according to Ms. Cheryl Kyle, Clinical Nutrition Manager at the 300 bed Medical Center, “Changing electronic menus is a daunting task that myself and my peers put off as long as possible. Some hospitals I know of haven’t changed their menu in over 10 years for this reason. To my amazement, the systems out there today make it impractical to make menu changes. Now, with Menu Logistics, I can change an item, a meal, a day or an entire menu cycle in a few minutes. I now have the Flexibility one would expect to have in an automation system that has never been available,…. until now.”

Essentially, the logic is based on the creation of a single, “base menu item list” for a regular diet for example. Menu Logistics programming logic auto-generates verified menu selections for any number of diet order combinations and will auto update all production and purchasing processes.

Vision Healthcare Systems International is exclusively launching Menu Logistics in 2015 and offering substantial generous incentives to the first ten inaugural clients. These accounts will become elite emeritus advisors to Vision Healthcare Systems International.

Understandably, there is a concern to be on the leading edge of a new product according to Ms. Kyle “,…the team at VHSI has over 100 years of collective experience in the use, operation and management of most systems on the market today. They have been around long enough to have seen the growth of this market since its inception and have a deep understanding of the limitations of development history. It is with their keen understanding of clinical and production management and passion for excellence that has allowed them to leverage their extensive knowledge with the most current IT tools to create the simplest system to use while providing deep sophistication, incredible flexibility and compliance assurance ever known in this area. I was blown away by their presentation and see this as raising the bar for the future of healthcare foodservice excellence.”

• Contact Scott Mahoney, Managing Director, Vision Healthcare Systems International at +61 (4) 388 50304| scott.mahoney@vstinternational.com