Food & Nutrition Service for healthcare is what Mt. Everest is for mountain climbers. To reach this summit successfully, it’s all about planning logistics and execution.

When all of The Menu Logistics Systems are engaged, you will have a clear road map to ensure that nothing is missed and everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Once Menu Logistics is activated, Diet Office, Clinical Nutrition, Production, Retail, Catering, Purchasing and Finance Management will essentially be on auto-pilot. This approach allows you to keep an eye on your goals and the flexibility to easily fine-tune your processes when presented with the ever-changing requirements in healthcare foodservice.

In the healthcare market, HL7 interfaces are expected to provide vital information in real-time to the foodservice department. Traditionally, interfaces can take up to a year to become operational and are often quite limited in their scope and functionality.

Even when these interfaces are in use, manual protocols are required which are subject to higher levels of error. Then, as changes to the interface logic becomes necessary, customizations and implementation charges will be incurred.

There is good news however, the design for Menu Logistics Interfaces is the first of its kind to provide “Drag n Drop” logic for the interface build. This reduces implementation time to a few days and allows for unlimited flexibility, create any number of transaction rules and make “Changes On The Fly” by the client.