DIGITAL SIGNAGE: Everyone has a message and everyone wants to promote their “BRAND.” Aside from direct one-on-one interaction with customers, multi-media displays are the most effective way to attract and engage customers. Get the attention and recognition you deserve with The Menu Logistics Digital Signage System.

If you make it easy, they will use it!
If you show them, they will buy it!
If it’s bright and clear, they will love it!

Coordinating menu boards in cafeterias, information monitors everywhere, micro counter-top displays for product daily specials, nutritional information and ordering kiosks for product marketing and advertising, access from smart phones, and POS systems is made easy with smart logistic design.

Imagine what you could do by having all communication outlets managed from a centralized location. When you add tracking for product sales and one-click replenishment with stock-out warnings sent to your smart phone, operations and service efficiency increases dramatically.

The Menu Logistics Digital Signage System allows you to simultaneously manage multiple cycle, deli, kiosk and restaurant style menus. Schedule and promote special events, holidays and corporate programs. Display live television, news streamers, the weather and more. Help your customers to make smart choices by using our icon library to Identify healthy dining options, allergy precautions display images of your menu offerings from your own in-house photography.