Menu Planning for patients in a healthcare setting presents management with one of the most daunting tasks imaginable.

The possible combination of diet orders can be in excess of 100,000 variations. Adding to this complexity is multi-day menu cycles, holidays, religious customs and integration with retail and catering operations.

While patient safety is of the utmost importance, many operations use menu management systems for quality assurance however, they continue to rely upon manual processes to “catch” menu/item conflicts after the computerized processes have been finalized.

When considering the overwhelming numbers in menu combinations alone, when compounded with hundreds of food items being served, it presents a paradox the gives foodservice administration reason to worry.

With Menu Logistics, our revolutionary approach to menu planning generates accurate results for any number of combination diet orders. Additionally, there is incredible flexibility for patient preferences, substitutions and replacement menu selections that any other system can match.

Menu Logistics gives foodservice operators the confidence and security to provide variety in menu offerings while improving patient safety