One of my college professors was fond of saying; “Having tons of data, as a concept, is fine, assuming there is a way to extrapolate meaningful results otherwise it’s just a cacophony of noise.”

Menu Logistics is built specifically to orchestrate data analytics into a coherent symphony of intelligence and efficiency. The process allows the system to automatically accept input, in the form of item usage, from any number of service sites to accurately predict production requirements for the next service period.

Operations Administration can now see on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, statistical results and comparatives for any meal period over any period of time. With integrated graphs and charts, you can instantly see price variations for items or increases in costs for any service area as well as budget projections for the remainder of the fiscal period for all cost centers.

Identify trends and complete budget forecasting for up to 18 months in advance. Compare vendor bids and manage price controls. Identify high profit margin items, high use items and build menus based on “What If” criteria to reach financial objectives, i.e., attain an overall profit margin of X %.

Achieve the highest rate of accuracy for recipe yields and cost when using the Menu Logistics tools to account for product shrinkage by cooking style, wastage and Edible Portion factors for each inventory item and summarized recipe