Yes, Menu Logistics uses the official nutrient databases of Australia & New Zeeland (AUSNUT), Canada (CNF), the United States (USDA), the United Kingdom (IFR) as well as being able to integrate any nationality nutrient database, or with any customer supplied or third-party database.

Yes, you can use Metric, Imperial or English measurement units. The System can accommodate up to four decimal places or extrapolate results to display Gal, Qt, Pt, C. T, and t.

Yes, you can enter an unlimited number of portion sizes in any measure unit can be assigned to any recipe where the System will process all yield conversions accurately.

Certainly, the System provides a currency convertor, manages time zone and daylight savings time protocol. Date formats can be according to the Julian, Georgian, Islamic or Hebrew calendars.

And YES, so you can provide the best customer service on the planet, Menu Logistics DOES print tray cards in the national language spoken by your patients.