Criteria for Malnutrition Idetification

Nutrition is an ever-evolving and changing medical field.  Just as we see changes to treatments and criteria in all areas of medicine, the same goes for clinical nutrition.

Many clinicians in the field continue to have assessment documentation methods capturing the levels of Albumin and Prealbumin as a criteria to identify nutritional concern and more alarming, defining malnutrition.  Based on studies taking place in the early 2000s, research dietitians have found these are not accurate measurement tools as they can be altered by many conditions that occur in patients in the acute state of concern. 

Menu Logistics pride's its self on staying up to date on the latest protocols to clinical nutrition treatment plans as laid out by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, backed by research and results.

The goal being to support our clients on proper documentation for coding purposes. Just a reminder of what has been indicated by the AND as appropriate Indicators of Malnutrition, check out this article:

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