Reduce Readmissions with the Clinical Dietetic Workbench

Decrease 30 Day Readmissions
avoid Unnecessary Fees

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Cost of a 30 Day Readmission

a 30-day redmission with a diagnosis of malnutrition will cost the hospital up to $16,000 on average per incident

MenuLogistics' Clinical Dietetic Workbench is utilized for inpatient acute care management and can be implemented in any additional setting associated to the hospital system including outpatient, dialysis centers, community health centers & home care settings.  Essentially, the system is built to support transition of care and ensure population health efforts are carried out.  From admission to inpatient, transition to outpatient and discharge to community/home care, the system can be utilized to assess, intervene, follow up, provide meals and supplements and monitor vitals and labs of patients.  Reducing Length of Stay & Readmissions and improving overall patient health is the goal of transitional care use for the Clinical Nutrition Workbench program

Reducing Hospitalizations and Costs: A Home Health Nutrition‐Focused Quality Improvement Program


Malnutrition is both a cause and consequence of poor health in adults; identification and treatment of malnutrition can help avert disease complications or relapses and can boost recovery. Given its ease of implementation and relatively low cost, nutrition is an appealing strategy for HHAs and other postacute care institutions. This study shows that at‐home use of ONS, as part of nutrition‐focused care, can reduce 30‐day, 60‐day, and 90‐day hospitalization rates and healthcare resource utilization, thus yielding improved health outcomes and significant cost savings.

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