Execute Your Food Business Efficiently with Food Service Information System

Execute Your Food Business Efficiently with Food Service Information System

Whether you are running a cafeteria, hotel, or any food company, executing such as food business is a ticklish thing. A minor mistake done on your part can spoil your working methodology. But with a food service information system, you can streamline your working methodology and execute your food business efficiently.


What is Food Service Information System, and How Does It Help You?


The food Service management system is fully equipped software to empower food businesses with the power of technology. With advance order taking, buffet management, and delivery management, the software provides you a complete solution. With its application, you can maintain fresh inventory, manage operations of the central kitchen and prepare signature dishes effectively with recipe control. In addition, you can maintain accurate accounts of daily sales and do tax filing swiftly.


When it comes to the working of the information system, it communicates in an electronic fashion in real-time with the help of HIS using HL7 programming language and/or via FHIR for a formulary, tube feeding, scheduling, laboratory results, pharmacy orders, transfers, discharges, and admissions. Its usage also ensures patient safety and the precise delivery of care augmented with granular cost management in food and other nutritional service operations. In addition, automated outbound transactions are provided to update the EMR in real-time for completed clinical nutritional assessment reports.


The system supports a shared database across any number of facilities while allowing for local/regional preferences. The basis is standardization in recipes, menus, clinical nutrition care protocols, GPO/ERP/contract management programs, unlimited storage location management, centralized call centers, and centralized system administration. It is equipped with automated report scheduling, generating any report at any time on any day(s) on any printer in any location to facilitate workflow and production automation, and staff communications. In addition, it includes a custom analytic report and form designer, allowing users to create unlimited reports on-demand to meet any client need without any cost for customization. All professional services are included for all accounts, such as project management, database build, interface design, training, implementation, updates, ongoing support, and system administration.
It can be used in conjunction with food traceability software, foodservice distribution software, or catering software. Other business management tools such as accounting software, workforce management software, and business intelligence platforms may also integrate with these tools.


Advantages of Food Service Management System


• The best advantage of having a food service management system is business protection. It prevents you from any potential problem because it ensures you that your diet services meet the standard of food regulation.
• Since the system has a general application, it is also helpful in giving the same data to you and all employees. With this system, everyone will have the same information and standard in running the diet service business. This results in better productivity and efficiency in every aspect of the restaurant.
• It is considered more important during times like this when a pandemic is still going on in most regions. Those applying the system have a certified guarantee that the food they serve is perfectly safe and suitable to eat, thus, won’t interfere with any concern from customers.
• It boosts your profits and saves the business in the long run.
• It avoids the risks of food poisoning or any harmful effects for the customers.
• It increases the food’s safety and quality.
• It provides a certain guarantee that you are compliant with the government regulation regarding food safety.
• It makes it easier for you to organize every step of processing, producing, and serving food in your restaurant.
• It promotes the productivity and efficiency of teamwork between your employees.


At MenuLogistics, we have food a service information system that can tell you everything you need to know to run your food business successfully—what type of equipment you will use, what skills your staff must have, and the market where you will be providing your service and how to control your budget and finance. We provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness for production, cost management, patient safety, and service.


Make use of a food service information system to run your food business efficiently. It will streamline your working methodology, and you will be able to manage everything related to your business properly.

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